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Speciality Events & Workshops

Get your freak on with our variety of speciality events and workshops. Stay tuned and check back as our workshop and event schedule updates frequently!

August 9th 7:15-8:45pm Intermediate Sling Workshop

Learn new aerial sequences and maybe a couple new tricks and transitions in this 90 minute burner. We will break down and master tricks such as: Georgia Twist, Kickstand variations, amongst others. These are tricks that lead into more advanced movements so this workshop will be helpful to intermediate students as well as advanced students looking to polish further!

$30 for 90 minutes, Hayley is leading this one. Holla, friends!

August 11th 4:00-5:15pm Hammock Sequence Workshop

Learn a couple brand new sequences! Particularly excellent workshop for those looking to build their toolkit for ambient aerial performances. Please have taken at least 7 aerial sling classes prior to signing up. Led by Hayley Saccomano.

Get your freak on:)

August 18th 2:30-3:15pm Class + Beer

45 minute all levels aerial fitness/yoga at Fly Freak followed by a delicious beer or LaCroix of your choice at Blackstack Brewing! $25 for everything!

August 23rd 7:30-9pm Advanced Sling Workshop

Come learn the freshest tricks from Bri Beltran, who’s a serious dose of adrenaline if you haven’t flown with her yet. 10/10 recommend. Don’t miss this one!

August 27th 7:45-9:45pm Acrobatix Flexibility Workshop

Want to understand how to open your shoulders in a bridge? Centimeters away from a full split but you just can’t figure out why?
This workshop is for people who are passionate about improving their knowledge and body form within a flexibility practice. Through humor, practicality, and efficiency, Leah will be teaching active and passive exercises with a focus on shoulders, hips, bridges, and splits. Students will be lead and assisted through a variety of clever stretches, using techniques ranging from Russian, Mongolian, Chinese and Canadian styles of Contortion.
Breakthroughs will happen in Leah’s workshops. They always do.

LEVEL: All levels- The cool thing about this workshop is that a high level contortionist and a beginner level yogi will equally enjoy it. I have taught this workshop with those students in attendance (and everyone along that spectrum) and they have all had a great time.

Comfort moving and stretching with ease. Experience in a movement art (Dance, Aerials, Circus, Acro,Yoga) is recommended.
We will be working on splits and backbends in the workshop, but it is not necessary to have mastered either of those concepts to attend.

$43 per person for workshop

About Leah: Leah is a professional contortionist, circus artist, and coach and staying in New York for August and September! All year long she tours the country teaching and performing contortion and partner acrobatics! She is known in the contortion community for her Instagram tutorials @acrobatrix and is always trying to find a clever and fun way to bring comedy into (sometimes painful) stretching.

September 6th 9:00-10:00pm A Variety of Freaks – An Aerial Show

It’s going up! Fly Freaks FIRST EVER monthly show! This month will feature a variety of demonstrations on how to be your own special type of freak. Prepare to be delighted, wowed, and maybe a little freaked out by our daring and freaky aerialists! Catch us every first Friday at Can Can, 9-10 pm!

September 7th 3:00-4:30pm Grip Strength Workshop


Learn tips and tricks from grip-strength competitor, Jeff Ford, for improving grip strength and maintaining hand/forearm health. We’ll study the different kinds of grip strength, and how to improve each one. We’ll also discuss building home implements to make grip training part of a daily routine.

Only $25 for 90 minutes and includes cost of materials!

This is a LAND-BASED, non-flying workshop open to EVERYONE who wishes to improve their grip strength!

September 10th-October 27th 7 Week Performance Session

Join us for our Prince-inspired student showcase! The performance will be on Sunday, October 27th 5-7 pm!

Seven week session to learn and/or create a short sling performance piece with an option to perform as a solo or duet. Or just to learn!

Cade Holmseth will be leading this session every Tuesday 6:45-7:35 pm and Hayley Saccomano will be leading every Saturday 9:30-10:20 am. Choose either session as your main time, but feel free to drop in to the other session to make up time if you need to miss a week or two!

The price this time around includes a 1 hour private lesson with either Cade or Hayley.

September 14th 3:00pm-4:30pm Drop and Sequencing Workshop

Learn some wild and freaky drops and sequences! Not for beginners or the faint of heart. Let’s chase some dream sequences!

Longtime Fly Freak and aerial legend, Elizabeth Erronis, will be dropping by to lead this one!

October 4th 7:30pm-9:00pm Aerial Doubles Workshop


Learn how to work the sling, TOGETHER! Two people per sling! Let’s learn and work some sweet tricks. No need to bring a partner or buddy, we can pair people up! But could be a fun friend outing or date.

Josie and Hayley will be leading this one!

October 8th 7:45pm Light Painting Photo Shoot

Create some art with Chicago-based lightpainter and photographer, @zo_after_dark! Opportunities to take shots in-flight or on the ground, depending on your preference. On average, each person will receive approximately 12-15 shots.

$100, if you purchase before September 2nd.

October 27th 5:00-7:00pm Purple Rain, An Aerial Student Showcas

Our next student showcase will be dedicated to The Purple One, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
Catch us flying to some of his hottest tracks with lots of purple, style, and freakiness.

To get through this thing called life
Electric word life it means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you there’s something else (Go crazy)…

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